This Gives Me Hope.

Posted on: May 27, 2011

This article is about how people in Syria which could face civil war any moment make use of the Internet, despite threats. While it is quite difficult to find positivity in this whole matter, something small still helps.

Citizen journalism has been criticised at times for its inaccuracy, fear mongering, and biased opinions. However, in this case, I’m inclined to believe in the bravery of the Syrian people who forge on and feel a duty to report on events that are tearing their country apart.

While it can be said that the citizens who do that could be blogging out of self-interest (e.g. to get help for themselves, to stir trouble, etc), I’m sure that there are also those who just want to give their country a voice. History has unfortunately shown that countries in need sometimes get overlooked in the wake of newer issues, so I suppose this is also a way of ensuring that Syria is not forgotten.

These few phrases I feel, have described perfectly the situation:

Yet despite all safety concerns, thousands of Syrians citizens today have found a voice.

“A major role citizen journalism is playing is that it is magnifying the dispossession and despair of those who cannot speak,” said sociologist Samir Khalaf, professor at the American University of Beirut.

“Who is going to speak on behalf of those who are bereft of speech? This is where citizen journalism comes in… in an uprising that is all about citizenship.”

(Source: Middle East Online)


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