Another Post About WordPress Functions

Posted on: April 25, 2011

As the title explains, this is another short post about WordPress and the various difficulties I have encountered. This time, the problem was with WordPress automatically ‘eating’ up my line spacings.

A quick Google search ensured when I again, got annoyed that the formatting for this blog was strange i.e. does not live up to my exacting standards. As I found, a number of netizens have also faced this irritant and a fair number of forum postings have been used in the discussion.

For an example of what I mean, here’s one. Despite entering after each paragraph, before and after each inserted media, things still ended up like this:

The lack of line spacings before and after images! I suppose you would have to be a really oddball like me to care about such things, but there you go.

Thankfully, this time’s search for a solution was a pretty easy one. This website that popped up gave a simple, and most important, working solution.

My life is complete. For the moment at least.


Google. 2011.

JBS Partners. 2008, ‘WordPress strips / removes blank lines while I add empty lines’, JBS Partners, viewed 25 April 2011.


3 Responses to "Another Post About WordPress Functions"

i don’t know if it happened to you but sometimes when you’re writing a post, and you scroll back up to see what you’ve written, the text gets distorted. so you need to save as a draft first, then it will automatically refresh the page and the text becomes normal again. it gets pretty annoying sometimes.

wow. how did you discover that you’ve to save a post first? -_- maybe because i usually write on a word doc before copying and pasting into wordpress, i don’t have to save a draft before publishing..

strange wordpress!

i panicked i guess. haha. when the text got distorted i was afraid i might lose what i had written, so i quickly went to save as a draft. fortunately, the page refreshed itself after you save, and the text became normal again.

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