Is it just me or WordPress..?

Posted on: March 23, 2011

Today, I embarked on a quest to better understand WordPress and its workings. One of the first things I wanted to learn was how to increase my online presence and also popularity! 

I headed straight to the WordPress support page. After scrolling down quite a bit, I can to “Social Tools“, and lo and behold, a hyperlink called “Publicize” turned up. Clicking on that link, I expected to be taught how to raise my profile online. I was told that it’s possible to link other social media tools I use to my WordPress blog. However, the steps towards achieving this started in the middle of the process. Basically I was told that once I “approved a connection to any of the below services” i.e Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo Updates, all my WordPress blog entries would be immediately posted on my Twitter account. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The problem: How do I even get to the step of “approving a connection”? Well, seeing how this is my virgin attempt at using WordPress, I might be at a disadvantage. I could have taken time to explore on my own, possibly (I did, though I gave up after 10 minutes). I could have tried searching harder through the help topics to sieve out any vital information which would help me, possibly. Or I could have just Googled, and used an external source for information. Which is just what I did. One of the first hits I got was GlobalThoughtz. A very useful article popped up, explaining in detail steps 1 to 4 of connecting your WordPress to any other social media tools. This is what I’m talking about.

Nevertheless, the WordPress support page is very neat with links leading to links leading to links in a tree-and-branch system of sorts. But it doesn’t make a bit of difference to someone who cannot find answers to what they need.

Yes, the web is probably full of tech experts, but there are also many others like me. Mere amateurs. So if I’m using a website like WordPress for example, and this website is sufficiently funded/well-planned to have a support section. Please, let it be comprehensive and simple to understand so that non-tech-savvy prousers like me can jump onto the connectivity bandwagon too!

P/S: Next project: Finding out how to work those tags!


GlobalThoughtz. 2009, ‘Now WordPress will send auto updates on twitter everytime you post a blog’,, viewed 23 March 2011. Publicize. 2011, ‘Support: Social Tools: Publicize’,, viewed 23 March 2011. Social Tools. 2011, ‘Support: Social Tools’,, viewed 23 March 2011. Support. 2011, ‘Support’,, viewed 23 March 2011.


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